G4: 'Geek' Is Out, As Rebooted Channel To Appeal To 'The Modern Man'

What you might see in the new G4 Esquire Network

If you're a female "geek" and loved the old G4's comic book and video game coverage, you are out of luck: G4 is no longer considering you a viable demographic.

Instead, the "new" G4, rebranded as "The Esquire Network," will cater to what NBCUniversal General Manager Adam Stotsky refers to as a "vastly under-served audience in cable TV – today’s modern man."

Yes, that is actually what he said.

Stotsky went on to further clarify the purpose of the Esquire Network:

"...we will deliver a multi-platform experience to this upscale, engaged, passionate audience, one that widens the aperture beyond G4’s technology and gaming base."

So basically this is sort of like a helpful "transitional" channel designed to help the Geeks "grow up," clean themselves off, know what is the right fork to use with their salad, and buy the best car.

But my gamer/geek females out there, please don't feel like you are being completely "left out" of the new "G4" -- you are still there as a "topic," as in "food, fashion, women, humor, travel, danger, competition and entertainment." You're right after "fashion" but before "danger," which I think is pretty damn good.

The new G4 The Esquire Network will debut April 22.


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