The Daily Geek: MTV Geek's At Toy Fair, L.L. Cool Shatner, And More!

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- TOY FAIR! We're bringing you the best and biggest from Toy Fair all week! Follow along for tons of goodies!

- MY BEST, BILL! William Shatner dug L.L. Cool J at the Grammys.

- IF YOUR FACE WAS A BATTLE ROYALE, I'D KILL IT! Bryan Lee O'Malley designed this awesome poster for "Battle Royale."

- WORLD'S FINEST! ComicBookMovie explains why a Batman/Superman team-up should be DC's next movie.

- HEAVY! Elizabeth Olsen says "Godzilla" is going to be dark and dramatic.

- BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL! Did you guys see this thing? Bonkers.

Watch: Castle Grayskull Playset Reveal

'Til tomorrow, gang!