The Daily Geek: The Doctor Meets Ryan Gosling, DC Creative Changes, And More!

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- HEY, DOCTOR! Matt Smith is the lead in Ryan Gosling's directorial debut.

- DC SHIFTS! Lots of cancellations and creative changes at DC.

- RATNER'S FARMVILLE! Yep...Brett Ratner is turning "Farmville" into a cartoon.

- I WANT TO BELIEVE! Is this the most realistic UFO vid ever?

- SNEAKY SPIELBERG! This is an interesting secret symbol in "Jurassic Park".

- JUNKED LEAGUE! The script for the "Justice League" movie's been scrapped.

- YO, YODA! Frank Oz says he's down to voice Yoda again.

- CAPTAIN'S LOG! William Shatner called an astronaut. No big deal.

'Til Monday, gang!