Jeffrey Combs On 'Re-Animator 4': 'They'll Reboot It'

While chatting about his new film "Would You Rather" with Topless Robot, genre legend Jeffrey Combs dropped some info on the long-discussed fourth "Re-Animator" movie, the proposed "House of Re-Animator" which would've seen Dr. Herbert West (Combs) dropping in the President of the Untied States to re-animate the corpse of a Dick Cheney-esque Vice President.

About the always in production film, he said:

It rears up every once in a while, but the landscape with movies has really changed in the last 4 or 5 years. Delivery systems are different. This movie, Would You Rather, is video on demand. It had a small theatrical release, but it's a video on demand and that's just where it goes. I just don't know. There are also demographics. I'm sure that Brian Yuzna, who owns the rights to Re-Animator, would love to have another pass at a Re-Animator sequel, but someone's got to step up and fund it. And when you get into that, there's the crux of the problem - bean counters.

He added his thoughts on, what to "Re-Animator" fans would be a sign of the end times, but at this point, an inevitability, right? A "Re-Animator" reboot!

Here's what I think will happen. The name is so well-known, it's a cult classic, that someone at some point give Brian a lot of money for the title, and they'll reboot it, thinking they can just tell the same story again, but with younger, fresher actors. Re-do it, update it, and we know what that will have to do.

If the "Evil Dead" remake hits - and based on the reactions to that red-band trailer - it will, Tinseltown is bound to dump other blood-soaked horror cult classics into their reboot machines, and "Re-Animator" is certainly one of the flicks that is probably most mentioned when rattling off titles of splattery classics.

Watch your back, "Dead Alive"!

Head over to Topless Robot to read more from Combs about "Would You Rather" and more.

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