Did EW Spoil The Khan Reveal In 'Star Trek Into Darkness'? -- UPDATE

UPDATE 2/8/13:

EW has changed the controversial text and replaced with the much more generic "VOYAGE INTO THE NEW STAR TREK". What does that mean? We still don't know, could've been a mistake, could've been a leak. We'll see if EW says anything on the subject.


For the February 15th issue of "Entertainment Weekly" the mag has a big write-up on "Star Trek Into Darkness" and with it a pair of covers - one that features Chris Pine's Kirk and Zachary Quinto's Spock, and the other that features Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch's mystery man. But that's not necessarily the interesting part of the story. On the store page for back issues, somebody labeled the the cover as "VOYAGE INTO THE NEW STAR TREK KIRK & KHAN"!

Now, that grain of salt there, I'm going to take it. This could be an error on the part of whomever edits the copy on this page. This could be an attempt on EW's part to lure in traffic by using the SEO friendly terms "Kirk" and "Khan." But this could also be a major reveal of Benedict Cumberbatch's actual - and much discussed - identity in the "Trek" sequel.

We'll have to wait and see what EW or the folks involved in the film have to say on the matter, but for now, let us continue to speculate...and watch this killer trailer!

[Source: ComicBookMovie.com]