The Daily Geek: Han Solo And Boba Fett Movies, Tony Stark's Secret Origin, And More

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- SOLO AND THE FETT! Will the first two stand-alone "Star Wars" movies feature Han Solo and Boba Fett? Looks like it!

- SPEAKING OF HAN! Here's an original sketch of what a young Han Solo could've looked like in a prequel cameo.

- RIP! "Star Wars" creature creator Stuart Freeborn has died at 98.

- SECRET ORIGIN! What's the secret origin of Tony Stark?

- RELEASE THE MASH-UPS! "Parks and Rec" meets "Guardians of the Galaxy".

- VINE AFTER DARK! Twitter's Vine is rated NC-17.

- MY LOG SAW SOMETHING! Jason sketches the Log Lady from "Twin Peaks."

- 8-BIT DJANGO! I'd play this in a second.

'Til tomorrow, gang!

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