Live-Action 'Kite' Adaptation Moving Forward With New Director

Following the passing of director David R. Ellis ("Final Destination 2") last month, South African filmmaker Ralph Ziman has taken the reins on the live-action adaptation of Yasuomi Umetsu's "Kite."

Unfortunately, they're still keeping the terrible adapted storyline.

According to the Deadline report, Ziman, who made the move to features after directing videos on the 90's (Faith No More's "Epic" is not bad at all), will be taking over the film which is in the midst of pre-production in Johannesburg, with principal photography set to start later this month. Samuel L. Jackson and India Eisley ("The Secret Life of an American Teenager") will star.

The script takes the sleaze of a schoolgirl assassin being exploited by her corrupt cop handler and transposes it into a generic drama involving Eisley's character Sawa living in a failed state and seeking revenge on the female trafficking operation responsible for her father's death with the help of his partner, played by Jackson.

While the original OAV--written and directed by Umets--was no great shakes, it still had a grimy integrity about it. Whereas with this one, it reads like any other bland revenge flick from the last 20 years about lost girls becoming elite killers to avenge their fathers.

[Source: Deadline]

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