Toy Fair Exclusive: Mezco Toyz Shows Off Thundercats, Mars Attacks, and More

By Aaron Sagers

So a drug kingpin, Martian, super hero, cop and talking cheetah gather in a Long Island City warehouse – no wait, this isn’t a joke, it is the Toy Fair 2013 unveiling of new Mezco Toyz and it happened today at the company’s office in New York.

Watch our video tour below!

If Toy Fair is like a trade show for Santa’s elves, Mezco’s office is the work shop for the especially nerdy elves who stay up way too late playing video games and listening to Motorhead. The otherwise simple space is decorated by shelves packed with toys based on horror movies, super heroes and musical icons.

But today it was about cooking up a whole new stash of goodies for 2013.

Mezco’s Director of Special Projects Mike Drake gave a brief presentation on the company’s yearly lineup, but it was clear, based on his attire of yellow hazmat suit and gas mask that the most anticipated products would be the first wave of “Breaking Bad” toys.

Based on AMC’s drama starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the toys in the line include a pair of ultra-realistic 6-inch figures of Cranston as Walter White and his Heisenberg alias – which just looked really damn cool. Mezco will additionally release plush versions of Walt and assistant Jesse in “work” and street clothers, as well as a bobblehead of Walter White in his hazmat suit (atop a pile of his signature blue crystal meth). As if Mezco even needed to create buzz for these toys, they gave away matchbooks advertising lawyer-to-the-crooks Saul Goodman, portrayed on the show by Bob Odenkirk. But sorry kids, those won’t be sold with the toys.

Mezco also showed off its new line of “Axe Cop” toys based on the webcomic and upcoming animated TV show. Famous for being written by a 5 year-old and illustrated by his 29-year-old brother, “Axe Cop” is beautifully bizarre and the toys reflect it. Want a mustachioed cop with an axe? Got it. How about his pet T-Rex with sunglasses and robotic machine guns for arms? Done. And if that’s still not weird enough for you, the line has a Unicorn Avocado (with mustache and gun), a man in a giant baby suit (aka Baby Man) and a pair of talking, evil turds – one of which is a samurai. A product wave of five action figures and two plush dolls, these are the kinds of toys even non fans will end up wanting.

The unveiling also offered first looks at Mezco’s “Man of Steel” block-style Mez-itz figure line. The vinyl toys from the upcoming Zack Snyder movie included a 6-inch Superman, along with 2-inch figures of Supes, papa Jor-El and General Zod. Although we’ve gotten a good idea of Henry Cavill’s Superman tights, this provided a good look Russell Crowe’s Jor-El. It was especially interesting seeing Zod’s outfit, which seemed to sport a new logo for the villain played by Michael Shannon. Other new DC Comics’ Mez-itz are “mini” figures from Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, along with 6-inch Wonder Woman, Batman and an especially insane-looking Joker.

Fans of the classic ThunderCats animated series will be treated this year to a 14-inch tall Cheetara with ball-jointed hips. Drake said fans of the Thundarian heroes call on a daily basis to ensure that Mezco is continuing with ThunderCats toys, and Cheetara – in her classic orange jumpsuit with bo staff – is proof that the cats aren’t going anywhere.

In an example of a less attractive alien, Mezco showed off its new 3.75-inch “Mars Attacks” toys based on the Topps trading card series. The big-brained Martian figures come in a green spacesuit and are protected by their glass-domed mask. And Drake pointed out they are the perfect size for existing alongside G.I. Joe figures. If that’s not your thing, a detailed 24-inch Martian is also being released.

In the horror arena, the long-running Living Dead Dolls collection expands with an assortment of creepy zombie and vampire children who just want to play forever and ever and ever. The Living Dead Dolls will include new Scary Tales figures, such as the Little Bo Creep character who wears her slain sheep’s head as a hat and sports a pink Hannibal Lecter mask. There will also be movie tie-in dolls of the original Bela Lugosi “Dracula” and a murdering Mother from “Psycho.” On the classic Universal Monster front, 9-inch versions of Mezco’s “Creature from the Black Lagoon” and “The Mummy” will additionally be released this year.

Fans of plushies and evil animals will be delighted (or delightfully horrified) by the expanded Creepy Cuddlers line that features a 6-inch zombie penguin and teddy bear, and a feral werewolf cat creature. If you want your monsters bigger, there will also be a Mega Death Mittens 12-inch zombie cat in a bad state of decay.

The unveiling did not end with any toy swag in the bag, but did offer a cool glimpse of what Mezco workshop has up its collective sleeve for the year. And it looks weird and glorious.

Here's a look at some more highlights from Mezco's line!