Toy Fair Exclusive: Axe Cop Toys From Mezco!

By Aaron Sagers

In an MTV Geek Toy Fair exclusive, Mezco Toyz today revealed its first wave of Axe Cop products, thus using its super smart unicorn powers to grant a wish to fans of the popular webcomic.

Check out the exclusive video tour below:

Sweeter than a candy cane diet, the line unveiled today included five action figures and two plush dolls which will be on display at New York City's Toy Fair trade show, and available to the mass market next September.

The story of Axe Cop has quickly become part of nerd lore since it debuted in 2009. Written by 5 year-old (who is now eight) Malachai Nicolle, and illustrated by his older brother Ethan Nicolle, the comic revolves around the adventures of a super hero, axe-wielding cop. It was adapted into print by Dark Horse Comics and is now slated to be an animated series for Fox.

“We were fans of the webcomic series and loved it in print form, and when we heard it was going to animated TV series, we thought clearly this needs to be action figures,” said Mike Drake, Mezco’s Director of Special Projects.

Axe Cop action figure

And the action figures look to live up to the spirit of the comic. Of course, no Axe Cop product line would be complete without the main man. The 4-inch figure of Axey features the character slightly hunched over, ready for action with axe in hand. The figure has a cool animated style to it, with the character’s gruff expression, mustache and sunglasses really popping underneath his police hat and light-and-dark blue uniform. Actually, in three dimensions, Axe Cop kind of looks like a cartoon Bruce Campbell. As if his axe is not enough in his battle against evildoers, Axey also comes with a lemon grenade and a steampunky “poop-sucker gun.”

Avocado Soldier action figure

Aiding Axe Cop in his battle against bad guys is his brother -- the former Flute Cop and future Dinosaur Soldier -- Avocado Soldier. Avocado is an oblong, dark-green figure with a bumpy texture, and naked flesh-colored limbs sprouting from him. Like his brother, he dons a pair of sunglasses and a mean expression. To grant wishes, or do pretty much anything, Avocado does still have his unicorn horn and grips a machine gun in one hand and his flute in the other.

Baby Man action figure

As for other companions, Baby Man arrives sporting a disco pose in his giant baby outfit. The figure nicely separates the darker-skinned, unshaven, squinty man inside from the lighter fleshtones of the costume. Everything just pops on the figure, from the pink nipples and purple pacifier to the white diaper and bulging eyeballs of the baby head. The seams of the baby costume are subtle, and it looks like Baby Man could transform back to his regular self – not that he would want to since he can fly while gassing in it. He also arrives in 8-inch plush form with a lime green fuzzy body. He’s a cuddly little guy, despite the unicorn horn and gun in his hand.

Wexter action figure

Axe Cop’s pet Wexter, the T-Rex with sunglasses and robot machine gun arms, also arrives in the first wave. The oversized figure would be a really cool T-Rex sculpt on its own without the gun arms. The gaping maw of a mouth with giant teeth, and light-and-dark green skin colors just look right here. But add those sunglasses and detailed robotic turret guns, and you have a force to be reckoned with. The semi-reflective sunglasses do look like they’d come off, but why should they? Also, it looks like the Axe Cop figure could go for a ride on Wexter’s back. Wexter gets the plush treatment as well, as a doll around a foot tall. The soft guns on his arms are a shiny metallic fabric, harnessed onto his back. The sunglasses are also a metallic fabric, and his skin has a gradient green color. The cushiony fella has his mouth wide open for a super duper fast bite, exposing his tongue and pink gums.

Dr. Doo Doo action figure

Remember that poop-sucker gun Axe Cop comes with? It will come in handy when he faces off against Dr. Doo Doo and his Doo Doo Soldier. The zombie-raising villain from Planet Poop emerged in later issues of “Axe Cop” and floats in midair on a figure stand with poopy arms raised in rage and one angry shit-faced expression. The angry little turd is appropriately brown, and is dwarfed in size by his much larger Doody Soldier companion. The armored poo from London grimaces with a wide mouth of grit teeth, and there is a lot of … pooey texture to his body. To protect the soldier from attacks, he rocks gunmetal shoulder pads, and dark red battle-damaged chest plate and gauntlets. He grips a sword for battle and also comes with a stand – since, you know, poop doesn’t have legs.

Since we’re on the topic of poop, Drake mentioned that the Dr. Doo Doo figure continues Mezco’s proud tradition of feces-based toys following their South Park Mr. Hankey.

“Just like we’re known for doing horror and rock ‘n’ roll or rap figures, we’re known for poo,” said Drake. “When you think poo, think Mezco.”

Wexter and Avocado Soldier plushies

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