Toy Fair Exclusive: 'Breaking Bad' Toys Officially Revealed! (Video)

By Aaron Sagers

He is the toy who knocks, and he will come knocking courtesy Mezco Toyz at New York City’s Toy Fair this weekend. But in an MTV Geek exclusive, the toy company unveiled its new Breaking Bad line today at Mezco HQ in Long Island City.

Watch our video tour below!

Based on the mega-popular AMC drama about a school teacher and terminal cancer patient-turned crystal meth cook-turned drug kingpin, the first wave of action figures, plushies and bobbleheads delve right into Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) Heisenberg phase.

The standout figure item of Mezco’s first Breaking Bad wave is the Heisenberg action figure. Mike Drake, Mezco’s Director of Special Projects, said everyone has a different version of the “iconic” Walter White image but they decided to begin with Heisenberg because it is the most ongoing image of Walt in the series.

Heisenberg figure

Gone is friendly, disheveled Walt and instead we have a black-clad kingpin with a burgundy shirt and amazingly detailed sculpt of a grimacing, goateed Cranston. The figure comes with a duffel of cash, revolver and a baggie of the good stuff – high quality blue crystal meth. Remove the pork pie hat to reveal a freshly-shorn pate. And if you want Walt to act dramatic in an action-figure stand-off, you can also take off his sunglasses so a bad guy buyer can stare him in his squinty eyes. The 6-inch figure will ship July 2013, in time for the second half of the show’s final season, and can be pre-ordered from Mezco’s site for $18.

Another Walter figure from Mezco was supposed to be unveiled today as well, but was literally seeing some action. Mike Drake of Mezco said the Walter White in his yellow cooking jumpsuit was held up at the airport because apparently the words “Hazmat Suit” have a tendency to freak out customs. Go figure. Details on the figure’s accessories have not yet been revealed but the product images include a barrel and a set of chemistry beakers. It will still be latter-day Walt with the shaved head and goatee.

Walter White bobblehead

Because Mezco is in the empire business, the line will also include a Walter White bobblehead standing atop a mound of blue meth with a “Breaking Bad” logo at his feet. Also rocking the yellow hazmat suit, Walter stares ahead intensely through gold-rimmed eyeglasses, arms slightly spread with hands open just a bit, as if professor badass is challenging his student cook, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Toss him a few imaginary questions and he’ll bobble slowly, menacingly. The bobblehead also ships July 2013 and is available for pre-order for $16.

4-inch "Breaking Bad" plushies

If you’re in the mood to cuddle up with lovable meth makers – and who isn’t? – Mezco will release Walter and Jesse plush dolls in 4-inch and 8-inch versions. The two 8-inch sets unveiled today again had Walter in his Heisenberg getup, this time with a brown plaid shirt, and in his yellow jumpsuit. Jesse makes his first appearance in the line in his jumpsuit with enough scruffy blonde hair to put Walt to shame. He also appears in plush form in his street clothes of yellow hoodie and black-and-white ski cap, with a little tuft of blonde hair poking out. Both feature a furrowed brow, blue eyes and unshaven face, but the street clothes version looks scuffed up as if he’d just gotten into (another) fight. They can be pre-ordered for $30 the Mezco site.

Drake, a fan of “Breaking Bad,” unveiled the line wearing a yellow hazmat suit that is the same brand initially worn on the show. He said after the actors wore them once, and roasted in them, the costume designer created custom-made versions that breathe better.

He said he couldn’t reveal what else Mezco might do in future waves of the “Breaking Bad,” but hinted he’d like to play with the image of the character Tortuga’s (Danny Trejo) severed head on a tortoise, perhaps even as a bobblehead. Drake also mentioned there was a lot of room to play with Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) and his wheelchair bell. But the most promising tease was that he’d like to see a Gus Fring action figure with rotating head that would show actor Giancarlo Esposito’s face before and after the explosion in Season 4.