This Sixth Scale Movie Black Widow Figure Looks Realer Than Life!

By Zack Smith

Female superheroes often have an uphill battle to get respect, but Marvel’s super-spy the Black Widow gets to shine among the best in comics with a new Sixth Scale premium figure from Sideshow Toys that’s now available for order.

Due to ship in March and standing 28 cm tall, the dead-ringer for the Widow’s cinematic portrayer Scarlett Johansson is the Black Widow figure fans have been waiting for, with multiple interchangeable hands, fabric hair, a “TrueType” body to get an accurate shape, that classic jumpsuit, dual pistols, a standing base and of course the “Widow’s Bite” stinger bracelets.

Fewer than 20 of the figures remain according to Sideshow, so act now if you want one. If the $189.99 price point scares you off, Sideshow offers a payment plan as low as $63.33 a month.

Good to see the Widow getting her due – now how about a great new ongoing series from Marvel, considering all the other Avengers from the film have books already? She’s been hanging with the Winter Soldier, but recent developments in that book could have her striking out on her own – and she’s the perfect subject for a left-of-center Marvel title like her teammate Hawkeye. And hey, wouldn’t it be great if there was also a female writer and/or artist on this book?

Soapboxing aside, this looks like a pretty cool premium figure. Anyone here going to brave the price point to pick one up?

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