Exclusive: 'Voltron' #10 Preview

We're pleased to present you with an exclusive extended sneak peek at "Voltron" #10, hitting stores February 6th from Dynamite Publishing:

he Voltron Force is BACK ON ARUS! Unfortunately for our heroes, and the planet that changed their lives forever, they've only returned to stop their new adversary from smashing the capital city into the ground. It's Voltron vs. Voltron in their biggest battle yet, and not everyone walks away from it unscathed! And with what Keith has just learned about a threat older and greater than Doom and Arus put together, it's clear to him that this "evil Voltron" is only the beginning of the horrors to come. "Ten Lions" concludes with a revelation even bigger than King Zarkon's death, and paves the way for "Plan V"...

Cover by: Sean Chen

Written by: Brandon Thomas

Art by: N Harris

Click the image below to read our exclusive preview of "Voltron" #10.