'Community' Season 4 Trailer Features The End Of Magnitude?

No more "POP POP"?

Has the end of the Harmon era wrought the end of Magnitude's eternally crowd pleasing catch phrase of "POP POP"? Seems like a possibility based on all the "talking" he does in this full trailer for the much-delayed premiere episode of Earth's most beloved show, "Community."

This trailer is a bag of mixed of emotions. On one hand, it's actual proof that the show is returning, despite the heavily-reported behind the scenes craziness. But on the other, it's "Community"! It's Jeff and Britta and Troy and Abed and Shirley and Pierce and The Dean and Chang and Leonard and the whole gang. Yes, even though the "Community" I know and love could very well be as dead as Starburns, it's possible that even though Dan Harmon was fired and the schedule was shuffled and Chevy Chase quit..."Community" could actually end up as dead as Starburns. Ya never know.

"Community" returns Thursday, Feb 7 on NBC.

[Source: AVClub]

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