Exclusive: Domo Superman, Batman and Flash Toys!

By Zack Smith

Just in time for Toy Fair, we’ve got a special super-exclusive look at some creepy-adorable new toys from Warner Bros. Consumer Products – new DC Comics/Domo Toys Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures!

The 3.75-inch super-stylized vinyl figures have a suggested retail of $8.99-$10.99, and are due to be released on Feb.14 – but you can see them now!

Let’s roll ‘em on out…

First up, it’s Funko Batman! He comes complete with a li’l Batarang and a utility belt. He’s just so earnest! The pointed teeth really add to the whole “bat” angle, huh?

Not to be outdone, it’s Funko Superman! He’s posed for flight and ready for battle!


And finally, it’s Funko Flash! Not to harp on the teeth again, but when somone’s got chompers like that, you do NOT want them to be chasing after you with super-speed.

And don’t forget the already-announced Funko Green Lantern, which we premiered last month!

As we were previously told, the line will launch through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Entertainment Earth, Fry’s, and Diamond Comics. We’re told there’ll be multiple versions of Batman and plenty of other DC Heroes if you want to make a whole Funko Justice League!

Let us know if you’re planning to get these, or what other DC characters you’d like to see in this format! And keep reading MTV Geek for more reveals as Toy Fair is upon us!

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