'Bravest Warriors' Home Cartoon Hangover Announces Spring Lineup Of Animated Shorts

Unicorns, the haunted Internet, and a planet full of... well, you'll see... are set to debut this spring on the animation YouTube channel from "Adventure Time's" Frederator Studios.

The new batch of adult-friendly shorts will composed of new work from "Adventure Time" storyboard artist/character designer Natasha Allegri, along with new projects from animators Hamish Steele, Mel Roach, and more (he says, pretending he's familiar with their work). Interesting note: Cartoon Hangover has an open submission policy, meaning that their lineup won't necessarily just be filled with the talented alumni of Frederator.

Here are the official-ish synopses of the new shorts, announced via the Cartoon Hangover Facebook page (sorry, we're a little late):

“Bee and Puppycat” It’s a puppy and a cat. Could it get any better? Yes. Fishbowl Space. Created by Natasha Allegri, character designer and storyboard artist for Adventure Time.

“Our New Electrical Morals” Douglas and Business Cat find a baby and ask: “Is that baby generating any profit?” By Mike Rosenthal

“Rocket Dog” Loyal, deranged pet meets bumbling hipster. From the mixed up mind of Mel Roach

“Doctor Lollipop” Two words: Unicorn. Physician. Created by Ms. Kelly Martin

“Ace Discovery” Washed up space adventurer and side kick crash land on a planet of dicks. From Tom Gran & Martin Woolley

“Dead End” The Internet is haunted at Morningwood Road, they must appease the ghost before she makes a meme of them all. Brought to you by Hamish Steele.

The first round of shorts included Pendleton Ward's "Bravest Warriors," James Kochalka's "SuperF*ckers," and "The Cartoon Hangover Show."

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