EXCLUSIVE: Deadpool Kills Dead Presidents For Marvel NOW!

Comedian Brian Posehn and others take us behind the scenes of what editor Jodan White calls "the craziest of all the Marvel NOW! titles," Mr. Merc with a mouth himself "Deadpool" in our exclusive documentary series "Marvel NOW!: Behind the ReEvolution" below!

Editor-in-chief Axel Alonso says that Deadpool is the perfect character for Posehn to tackle since he's the one who plays to the comedian's strengths. He said:

I felt more comfortable having Brian involved in 'Deadpool' than I would in...pick your book...'Thor'.

About Deadpool, Posehn told us:

He's got the thing that I've always liked in movies, he's the Mad Max kinda guy. He's kind of like The Punisher but he's not as funny. The Punisher doesn't talk about his farts, Deadpool does, and that was appealing to me, and also, he's kinda nuts!

For more on "Deadpool" from Posehn, White, and Alonso watch the exclusive video above including info on the "Dead Presidents" storyline, teases on which characters are going to make an appearance, and which of Posehn's ideas was shot down by execs.

And speaking of Presidents! How many can Posehn name in one minute? I think you'll be surprised by the results!

Brian Posehn Tries To Name The Presidents