WonderAli's 'Best Stuff I Read This Week!': Hawkeye, Sixth Gun and Sandman

By Ali Colluccio

I read a lot of comics. Like, A LOT a lot. I’ve got my Wednesday comics, trade paperbacks for my commute, my perpetually growing to-be-read stack. But there are always a few books that stand out. Comics that are so great you want hug 'em the second you finish reading them, and then tell all of your friends (and a few strangers) about 'em--the Best Stuff. This is the Best Stuff I read this week.

Fifth Wednesdays are always weird shipping weeks. It's like no one knows what to do when there's a extra Wednesday in the month. I get to the shop and I'm all "Didn't I already buy my comics for the month? Why are there still things? --Oooh!! Shiney!!"

Then I remembered "Hawkeye" was coming out and I did a happy dance.

While there were definitely books I was looking forward to (Hawkeye-Hawkeye-Hawk-EYE... that's my Hawkeye dance in case you couldn't tell) I wasn't overly jazzed about my comics as a whole walking into the shop. But then you meet some friends for fun evening out, and when you get home you snuggle under the covers with some warm comics, and all is right with the world again.

Hawkeye #7 by Matt Fraction, Steve Lieber and Jesse Hamm

I love this series so much. It's just so freaking cool. There are a lot of people who put their most favoritest books at the bottom of their weekly stack so they can build up to it. That requires a kinda of patience that I, as a disciple of the interwebz, do not have. I tore this book open as soon as I could.

Then I remembered it was the Hurricane Sandy issue. And while it is indeed an issue of "Hawkeye" that deals with New York and New Jersey during the hellish storm, it's not at all an issue I would call The Hurricane Sandy Issue (with capital letters to denote how serious and reverent we're being about the it). And I mean that as a good thing, a very good thing. Fraction and the team could have easily gotten wrapped up in the solemnity of the whole thing and made a ham-handed commentary on events. Instead they did what they do every month: they made a damn good comic book.

The Sixth Gun #28 by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt

Sometimes I forget how much I like this series. It's a consistently good comic, but I've kind of gotten used to it being awesome. So occasionally it gets overlooked by other books that surprise me. Not this week! There's action and double-crossings and MUMMIES!

But can we talk about Brian Hurtt for a second? Because this book is absolutely stunning. I mean, there are times I just stare at the pages like an idiot because it's purdy. How is Brian Hurtt not drawing all of the things? Why is he not on the fancy books at the Big Two? I want to see Hurtt's art in more places, people! Make it so!

Also, "The Sixth Gun" recently got picked up for a pilot with NBC. So if you're not reading it now, you should totally check it out.

Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith, and Mike Dringenberg

Look, guys. I'm gonna level with you. I've never read "Sandman". I'm sure that means I have to turn in some kind of proverbial "geek cred" card. But I can say that I'm equally disappointed in all of you for never telling me that Sam freaking Keith drew it!! Come on, guys! You're all OMG NEIL GAIMAN LUUUURVE (and rightfully so) but you forget the equally awesome artist? Seriously?

Anyway, the important thing is that I'm reading "Sandman" now. A friend has kindly lent me his trades, and I'm working my way through them. So far, I'm really digging it! This first trade is a lot of set up but I really like the mythos Gaiman is building. It's got me intrigued to see what he does with everything. I'll make sure to keep you all updated as I make my way through the series.

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