'Star Trek' Props And Uniforms Hit The Auction Block

Ready to add some screen-used props to the ever-growing "Star Trek" shrine devouring your basement? Well, Alec Peters, founder of Propworx and a very accomplished "Star Trek" collector in his own right, has decided to pass a large chunk of his official "Star Trek" prop and uniform collection onto others through a series of Ebay auctions.

According to Alec Peters himself, the collection began when he attended the 2006 Christies Star Trek Auction and walked away with screen-used Captain Kirk and Catian Sisko uniforms. From there, Peters began buying more costumes and props featured in Ebay auctions sponsored by Paramount, eventually amassing one of the largest Star Trek prop and costume collections in the country.

The items hitting the auction block include everything from screen-used Klingon weapons and uniforms, to Beverly Crusher's naval costume from Star Trek Generations. Peters seriously has just about everything a Star Trek fan could ever want, including Admiral Valdore's Romulan Communicator and the Klingon Assassin's Knife from "The Next Generation" episode "First Born."

While one set of auctions has already closed, it sounds like Peters may have more to come, so be sure to to keep an eye on his Ebay listings.

[via StarTrek.com]