Watch The Completely Charming Disney Short 'Paperman' Now

If you weren't able to catch Disney's Oscar-nominated "Paperman" when it played in theaters before "Wreck-It Ralph" you're in luck, because the dangerously sweet short is now online and ready to melt hearts with its simple, silent charms.

"Paperman," is animated by using a mix of classic 2D hand-drawn technique and modern 3D CG. It's directed by John Kahrs and written by Clio Chiang and Kendelle Hoyer and centers around a working stiff and his attempts to attract the attention of "the one that got away" by using lots of paper airplanes.

The short succeeds not only in tugging the heartstrings of even the most jaded, but it creates a perfect sense of time and place by using its "Mad Men" environments to its advantage. It's nominated for Best Animated Short at this year's Academy Awards and is a favorite to take home the bald man.

[Source: Wired]