The Daily Geek: 'Iron Man 3' Teaser Teaser, Secrets Of 'Cyborg,' 'The Muppets Again,' And More

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- FALLING MAN! The "Iron Man 3" teaser teaser and new poster are here!

- AGAIN! Here's your first look at the Muppets sequel!

- XX! Brian Wood explains why having an all-female X-Men team is important.

- WHERE'S CARNIVALE? Here are six TV shows that should be continued as comics.

- MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 2: THE CYBORG SPIDER-MAN! Learn about the secret origin of the Jean-Claude Van Damme epic "Cyborg"!

- T2: BTS! Watch how they pulled off some of the incredible practical effects in "Terminator 2".

- THE LAST HOUSE ON VINYL! The soundtrack for Wes Craven's early shocker is coming to a record player near you!

- NOT A CHANCE! Sly Stallone wants Bill Clinton to join the cast of "Expendables 3"!

- AUTOGRAPHS ARE OVER! Have camera phones killed the autograph?

- FOR NO GOOD REASON! A documentary about "Fear and Loathing" artist Ralph Steadman is on the way.

- MULTI-PILGRIM! Now you can play "Scott Pilgrim: The Game" with all your evil exes.

- TURTLE POWER! Check out the newest "TMNT" toys for 2013!

'Til tomorrow, gang!