Early 'Man of Steel' Peeks At Zod, Jor-El...and Supes With A Motorcycle?

By Zack Smith

UPDATE: As seen on Variety.com, there's also a look at Henry Cavill in full costume as Superman for his "Movie Masters" figure. He's a stern-looking Man of Steel -- and it looks like Zod has his evil work cut out for him:

Those looking forward to this summer’s new Superman movie "Man of Steel" have some new peaks at the film – in the form of its toys.

USA Today has reveals of a number of figures based on Man of Steel’s bad guy. General Zod, the Kryptonian villain immortalized by Terence Stamp in Superman II (and brought back in at least a half-dozen conflicting forms in DC Comics), will be recreated in this film by busy actor Michael Shannon, best known for his role as the creepy FBI guy on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, his Oscar-nominated role as the creepy truth-telling genius in Revolutionary Road, the creepy deluded vet in Bug, the creepy hallucination-seeing suburban guy in Take Shelter, the creepy corrupt cop in Premium Rush, and that one episode of Law & Order: SVU where he actually turned out not to be the creepy guy. TWIST!

Shannon-as-Zod appears to be, wait for it, creepy, with a black outfit combining the motifs of Stamp-as-Zod’s split-collar one-piece and the more form-fitting form of Superman’s costume. The likeness of Shannon is pretty uncanny – forget Lex Luthor, Superman’s got someone Scary after him now. If only he gets a line as good as “Now, son of Jor-El, kneel before Zod!”

This Zod will be part of Mattel’s “Movie Masters” line, will retail for $14.99, and will be available in June.

Also of note is a slightly different Ktyptonian symbol on Shannon-Zod’s chest that sort of looks like a sickle – perhaps a shout-out to a really, really confusing comic storyline where an armored Russian thought he was Zod? Don’t ask. There were like 50 Zods in the early 2000s.

There’s also a vinyl Funko Pop! Heroes toy that looks a lot less like Shannon, and a lot more like John Simm as the Master on Doctor Who, complete with goatee. Well, Stamp’s Zod also had a goatee, but let’s hope Shannon-Zod shaves. This one has a slightly craggier armor suit, perhaps suggesting Zod will armor up when fighting Superman, or that he’s been encased in something trying to escape Krypton. Whatever, it’s just fun to speculate about the movie’

Over at Hero Complex, there’s a reveal of the figure of Superman’s Kryptonian father Jor-El, played in the film by Russell Crowe (Crowe previously got a figure, in a sense, with ACI Toys’ “Roman General” last year). Again, it’s a strong likeness – this one features a Superman-like blue outfit with armor over it, suggesting many different elements that might feature in Man of Steel’s take on Krypton. As long as it’s not all crystals like the 1970s version, which Marlon Brando’s Jor-El kept pronouncing as “Kryp-ton.”

In addition, Hero Complex shows a Superman figure from Man of Steel who can rip a motorcycle in half (note: in real life, this looks cool, but afterward, you won’t have a motorcycle. One to grow on!), and a few figures from the DC Unlimited line, including a take on the Vampire Batman from the “Elseworlds” graphic novels, and a figure of the “New 52” version of veteran DC villain Darkseid, who’s also recently been depicted in a super-sized (and super-priced), 13-inch DC Direct figure for $90.

More Man of Steel figures will be on display at Toy Fair in NYC on Feb.10-13 – and we’ll be there to bring you the news!

Are you excited for Man of Steel – and these new figures?

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