These Masters Of The Universe Plushies Are Powerfully Cuddly

By Zack Smith

He-Man has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance the last few years, with Masters of the Universe Classics figures, a new comic book series, and repeated talks of a film. But now, there’s quite possibly the best He-Man thing ever out – plushies!

Yes, Comic Images has announced a series of super-deformed plush toys featuring He-Man, Skeletor, Battle Cat, Trap-Jaw and Beast Man. The plushes are due to come out in March, and are available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $11.99 apiece.

What’s particularly interesting for hardcore He-Fans is that the design of the characters – minus the whole super-deformed thing – is based specifically on their appearance in the original Filmation cartoon from the 1980s. When these characters were adapted into toys in the past, they usually went for the darker, more detailed looks seen in initial designs and the mini-comics with the characters. The cartoon-styled characters are making a bit of a comeback though, with such cartoon-only characters are Granamyr the dragon and Skeletor’s minion Fang Man appearing in plastic form.

The plushes also have a number of adorable extra touches, such as a furry collar and whip for Beast Man. I’ll forgive plushie Trap-Jaw not having interchangeable hands, as some feats of engineering are just too complicated for plushes.

So, are you planning to order these – and what other Masters of the Universe characters would you like to see immortalized in plush?

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