Spider-Man Villain The Rhino Rampages Into Stores From Diamond Select

By Zack Smith

The Rhino’s been a villain in the Marvel Universe for almost 50 years – but now he’s getting his due with Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti in talks to play him in the new Spider-Man film, and now a tricked-out new action figure from Marvel’s premium line.

Diamond Select Toys’ Marvel Select line has had some of the biggest and best renditions of classic Marvel Comics characters – and this week, they give one of Spider-Man’s big bruisers his due with their toy of the Rhino, sculpted by the guys at Art Asylum.

According to Art Asylum, Rhino includes 19 points of articulation and is nine inches tall (insert tasteless “nine-inch Rhino” joke here), putting him well into proportion with the other figures in the line. There have been numerous Rhino figures in the past, but the character’s sheer size has always meant a few compromises – either being produced at a smaller scale to fit in with the other figures, or with points of articulation reduced to deal with the sheer amount of plastic.

This version of the Rhino can do all the character’s greatest hits – from leaning over to charge at your hero figures, to standing tall over them with his sheer mass. You can have him fight Spider-Man, the Hulk, or get a Minimate Rhino to recreate that Gail Simone story where Deadpool shrinks the Rhino down and keeps him on a keychain.

As to why the character has proved so enduring over almost five decades…it’s a big, muscular guy in a rhino suit who can smash through walls. What more explanation do you need?

Like all Marvel Select figures, the Rhino should be available at comic shops and specialty places. Any readers planning to pick one up?

(Picture credit: Art Asylum)

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