Mulder And Scully Return In New 'X-Files' Comic Series

Sure, "X-Files: I Want to Believe" was a less-than-stellar entry in the beloved franchise, but that doesn't mean X-fans aren't eager to jump back into the truth-seeking pool with Fox Mulder and Dana Skully (and John Dogget and Monica Reyes?). So IDW is doing just that with a new "X-Files" comic series this June.

IDW says:

Over two movies and two hundred television episodes, THE X-FILES, is a juggernaut of science fiction-tinged intrigue, unique characters and carefully constructed stories. The show’s popularity raged into the comic world, seeing successful series mounted by publishers Topps and Wildstorm. Despite this, new publishing has not been available since 2009’s joint Wildstorm/IDW crossover - 30 Days of Night/The X-Files - leaving fans without a venue for the continuing sequential adventures of Mulder and Scully… until now.

In addition to new issues, IDW plans to reprint collections that were published between 1995 and 2009.

No word yet on who's scripting and illustrating the new mysteries, or where this will fall in series' continuity (if at all). Steve Niles and Adam Jones co-wrote the "30 Days of Night/X-files" crossover mini, so it could be one or both of them? Guess will have to stay tuned as more develops.