Master The Force With These Star Wars Engagement Rings

It's hard to beat the R2D2 engagement ring we saw recently, but SwankMetalsmithing has been creating some pretty impressive Star Wars rings as well. Whether you're looking for a his and hers set featuring Princess Leia and Han Solo's romantic exchange from "The Empire Strikes Back" or something to showcase your love for the Rebel Alliance, they're probably willing to make it.

The rings are available in a variety of metals – silver, gold, platinum, palladium – and customers can choose to have the rings engraved with just about any Star Wars logo they'd like. The symbols listed include the Imperial Cog, Death Star, Rebel Alliance, Boba Fett's logo and the Old Republic Jedi symbol, but others can be requested. There's also the option of adding stones.

Of course, handcrafted jewelry doesn't come cheap. Prices start at $325 and can easily reach upwards of $3000 depending on which materials and features you choose.