Remember When Warner Bros. Said They'd Make A 'Robotech' Movie? They've Picked A Director


The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that commercial director Nic Mathieu has been tapped by Warner Brothers to direct their long-in-development live-action "Robotech" movie.

This would be a coup for Mathieu, whose reel up to this point has been made up of ads for companies like Zenith and Caddillac. His "Stellar" (sorry, no embed) ad shows him playing around with sci-fi a bit for the TV makers at Zenith.

Warner Brothers is pinning their hopes on "Robotech," which would adapt the stitched together series which made up the 1980's Golden Harvest/Tatsunoko Productions anime that gave us protoculture and Rick Hunter's hair. The studio has been trying to get a feature off the ground since 2007, when they first announced the project, but in the six years (and three "Transformers" movies) since, nothing has really come together for what will presumably be a crazy-expensive project.

So why now? WB killed their Westernized version of "Akira" last year, and belts are still being tightened all over Hollywood. But maybe they're looking at Del Toro's "Pacific Rim" and the prospect of another "Transformers" movie coming out of Paramount and thinking they'd like to be in the giant robot business too.

THR reports that Mathieu will also be directing the alien drama "The Story of Your Life" for producer Shawn Levy, which involves a linguist deciphering the language of alien visitors. The script is based on a short story by author Ted Chiang.

[Source: THR]

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