Rob Liefeld Wants Chris Pine To Play Rob Liefeld In 'The Image Comics Story'

So, it turns out Rob Liefeld has written a screenplay about the formation of Image Comics called "Icons" (well, technically "iCons" according to Liefeld's Twitter feed) and he's decided to release an excerpt to the website Dream Movie Cast, along with his personal casting choices. First off, he wants Chris Pine to play him.

Not too crazy, in all honesty.

According to Dream Movie Cast, Liefeld wrote the script in 3 days, and from the excerpt, it appears the story is told from his point of view, complete with voice over narration. Here's a bit:

Along with Pine as Liefeld, the writer/artist also chose Christian Bale as Todd McFarlane, Geoffrey Arend as Jim Valentino, Joe Mangeniello as Marc Silvestri, Rob Corddry as Erik Larsen, John Cho as Jim Lee, Richard Jenkins as Larry Marder, Tony Sirico as Tom DeFalco, Dabney Coleman as Terry Stewart.

As you'll see in the excerpt below, Liefeld's pick for Todd McFarlane is the gaunt, cracked-out Christian Bale from "The Fighter," as opposed to the buff, handsome Bale from the "Batman" movies. Was McFarlane super banged-up when these guys got together? I mean, he was almost a professional baseball player, he must've been in okay shape, right?

So far what we see here is the assembling of the Image founders, led by the brash and brazen McFarlane, as they march into then Marvel President Terry Stewart's office and demand a bigger piece of the financial pie.

Read the full excerpt from "Icons" at Dream Movie Cast. Drink every time McFarlane says "bud."

And always remember...

[Source: Dream Movie Cast]