The Daily Geek: Gordon-Levitt Is Not In 'Man of Steel,' Cumberbatch Is Assange, And More

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JGL AIN'T BATMAN...FOR NOW! Joseph Gordon-Levitt says he will not be Batman in a "Man of Steel" cameo.

ATTN: TUMBLR! Here's what Benedict Cumberbatch looks like as Julian Assange in "The Fifth Estate."

CORNELL TALKS SAUCER COUNTRY Paul Cornell sheds light on the end of he and Ryan Kelly's alien series for Vertigo.

KILLOGY CONTEST! "Enter the Killogy 'What's Frank Vincent Gonna Say Next?!' Contest by simply posting what you think he should say in the comic panel HERE!

THE GUTS OF 'GEARS! Lt. Baird guides you through this new "Gears of War: Judgment" trailer.

MARVEL NOW! The hardcover collections of Marvel's new initiative will include codes for bonus digital editions starting in March with "All-New X-Men."

FORGET SUNLIGHT! Here are the 10 best anime series to watch Netflix NOW!

TERRIFYINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Long-exposure lightning. Scary but awesome.

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