EXCLUSIVE: Matt Fraction And The 'FF' Are Going To 'End Doom'

Marvel NOW!: Matt Fraction On Doom

The above vid is a spoiler for "FF" #3. You've been warned!

In Matt Fraction and Mike Allred's "FF" #3 we see Scott Lang issue an imperative to the FF that is unheard of from the standard Reed Richards-led Fantastic Four - he's going to eradicate Doom. Now, "doom" could be taken two ways - one, it could be doom as in doom, like WE'RE DOOMED...OR it could be our old friend Victor Von Doom that Lang is referring to, killer of his daughter.

In our exclusive sitdown with Fraction for our behind-the-scenes series on Marvel NOW! Matt Fraction clarified a bit. He said:

What it means specifically in a very Marvel Comics way is 'we're gonna fight Doom, we're gonna take the f%#@ing fight to him. He took my daughter and I'm going to take everything he is, and I'm gonna burn him down to the ground.'

"FF" #3 is on shelves Jan 23, 2013.

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