This Hairy Monster Chair Will Eat You Alive!

When designer Jason Goh was a youngster he loved to play with his food. Apparently, his grandma told him that if he kept doing it his favorite dish (fish balls) would eventually turn into a hairy monster and eat him up. The playful bluff inspired the monster chair you see above.

Named "Moyee," the giant monster chair features a long red tongue and interior lighting to set the mood. Being a large sphere, Goh weighted the bottom to ensure it wouldn't roll over while you relax, though you can still rock a bit. Based on the photos, the monster chair honestly doesn't look like the most comfortable seat in the house, but adults and kids who climb all the way in could probably have a pretty good time playing, resting or catching up on some reading inside.

Though it's not for sale, Goh's hairy monster chair is currently exhibiting in the National Museum of Singapore until January 27th. If you want to learn more and see other awesome designs, head over to

[via Yanko Design]