HBO Releases 'Making Game of Thrones: Molding The Book Into A Series'

If I had a time machine the first thing I would do is travel to March 31st, 2013 so I could watch the "Game of Thrones" third season premiere. Unfortunately, I don't have time machine, so the official "Game of Thrones" production diary has been getting a lot of my attention. And they recently released a new behind the scenes video, dubbed "Molding the Book Into a Series."

The video introduces us to executive story editor/writer Bryan Cogman, who talks about his responsibilities on the set, what it's like working with such a large cast and how everyone works separately and together to get a rough outline for the season. He also takes a moment to talk about how the show's budget affects which parts of the source material are left out and what makes into the episodes.

According to Bryan Cogman, season 3 is going to have a lot more character driven scenes. “You're really getting under the skin of characters and finding out what makes them tick,” he says in the video. “I think on this show that's as thrilling, if not more thrilling, than some of the flashier stuff.” Watch the video below!

Making GOT: Molding the Book into a Series