Watch The Short That Became Sam Raimi's 'The Evil Dead'

In 1978 Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell produced a 30 minute horror film called "Within the Woods," which has served as the pre-cursor to the duo's legendary "Evil Dead." Initially, the film was meant to be a trailer that was to be used to coax investors - mostly local Michigan dentists and wealthy types - to cough up enough dough so the hungry filmmakers could produce a full-length terror extravaganza. They eventually netted $1600 and produced "Within the Woods" using many of the creative shortcuts and abusive (to Bruce Campbell) techniques that folks have come to expect from Sam Raimi's ultra creative output.

After "Within the Woods" was completed, it screened at a local Michigan theater and garnered some positive word-of-mouth, leading Raimi, Campbell and cohorts to push for funding of a full-length rejiggering of "Within the Woods" called "The Evil Dead."

"Within the Woods" has been bouncing around the Internet and convention circuit for years, and it pops up on sites every now and again, but it's always worth a look when some resourceful sort slaps up an embed. This is a rough transfer, but if you're a massive Deadite, it still serves as a fascinating bit of horror ephemera.

[Source: Geek Tyrant]

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