Does Captain Marvel Have 'Space Cancer'?

The Internet is buzzing about the latest storyline on "Captain Marvel" -- the mysterious new illness of Carol Danvers. Something is wrong with her brain, but what?

"Captain Marvel" writer Kelly Sue DeConnick explains:

"We've been planting seeds that she's been getting headaches -- and so the doctor is like 'we're just going to check on that while you're still here.' And then she gets the news that there's an abnormality in her brain."

At this point, one can't help but speculate that this illness just might be related to what the original Captain Marvel perished from: for lack of a more medical term, "Space Cancer".

Could Carol have Space Cancer? Is this malady a completely different thing? Maybe she has the same thing that Hillary Clinton recently had? All we know is that we wish her the best and a full recovery!

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