This Star Wars X-Wing Coffee Table Is Simply Incredible

I tried my hand at making a cool coffee table once, but I'm in no way capable of the incredible craftsmanship behind the Star Wars X-Wing Coffee Table you see above. The design is so spot-on I can almost see Luke Skywalker and Artoo strapping in to go pummel the Death Star.

Created by Barry Shields (he also created the Star Trek Enterprise table), the X-Wing table apparently took six months of hard work and detailing to complete. The nose of the X-Wing has a couple supports to help it hold one side of the glass, while the rear section of the starfighter is bolted together, firmly holding the other end. The ship and base are made of quality materials including poplar, pine and black walnut.

What makes the table so great is Barry's seemingly obsessive attention to detail. Every little line and curve is there, including R2D2's bulbous noggin' poking out behind the cockpit. I especially love all of the details at the rear of the X-wing – there's so much going on back there it's almost frightening to think about how much time Shields actually spent carving it out.

If you want to see more of Barry Shileds' work, or want to find out how you can make this amazing table part of your home, head over to his website.

[via GeekAlerts]

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