RightStuf Is Bringing Buichi Terasawa’s ‘Space Adventure Cobra’ To The U.S.

Terasawa’s gun-armed galactic tough guy is coming to DVD and digital in 2013 from RightStuf and Nozomi Entertainment.

Mostly familiar to people on this side of the ocean thanks to the 1982 feature, “Space Adventure Cobra” (which was used liberally in the video for Matthew Sweet’s alt-rock track “Girlfriend”), Cobra was also the hero of a long-running manga at “Shonen Jump” and a 31-episode anime which is the subject of RightStuf’s announcement.

The 1982-83 TV adaptation was from TMS ENTERTAINMENT CO (“Detective Conan,” “Bakugan”), and featured the cigar-chomping explorer/adventurer traveling the galaxy with his robot companion Lady Armaroid. It’s always great to hear older series like this making an appearance in the U.S. particularly given how formative they were on a generation of anime viewers.

Oh, and if you want to see the excellent feature, that was released last year by Eastern Star in a bare-bones disc.

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