Adventure Time Jazwares Marshall Lee Plush Now in Stores!

By Zack Smith

If you’re a psychopathically obsessed fan of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time like me (seriously, I have a problem), here’s a heads-up – Jazwares’ line of plush Adventure Time toys now includes Marshall Lee, the Vampire King!

Though plushes of Adventure Time’s gender-flipped characters Fionna and Cake had already been seen in such places as Toys R Us, the plaid-wearing vamp rocker hadn’t shown up in most assortments – and isn’t even listed on Jazwares’ website yet. After we saw a few for sale on eBay, we did a quick Google and found the character for sale at Hot Topic.

One call to a local Hot Topic and the excruciatingly awkward experience of being a thirtysomething going into that store later, Marshall Lee was ours! The plush retails for $12.50 plus tax, and appropriately features polyester clothing. Hot Topic also has available the other Adventure Time plushes to date, including Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, Ice King, Marceline and Lady Rainicorn (the one we went to, alas, did not have Cake, the other plush we needed).

Introduced as part of Adventure Time artist Natasha Allegri’s Tumblr, Marshall Lee is the gender-flipped version of Marceline the Vampire Queen, the fan-favorite voiced by Olivia Olson. Like the other gender-flipped characters from Allegri’s Tumblr, Marshall Lee found his way into the actual show with the hit “Fionna and Cake” episode, though many fans were disappointed by his lack of dialogue and screen time.

That’s poised to be corrected with the upcoming Fionna and Cake episode “Bad Little Boy,” which features Childish Gambino himself, Community’s Donald Glover, as Marshall Lee’s voice. You can also catch the character in the excellent KaBOOM! Fionna and Cake comic by Natasha Allegri herself, or in these shorts by teen creator Lydia Fama, that got a thumbs-up from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward himself, and that will likely make you wonder what you’ve done with your own life.

Let us know if you’ve seen Marshall Lee at other outlets – and keep an eye out to see if there’s a plush of the Neil Patrick Harris-voiced Prince Gumball soon! Though I’m holding out for Lord Monochromicorn myself.

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