Felicia Day Returns To 'Supernatural' In 'LARP And The Real Girl'

Elite hacker and accidental monster hunter Charlie returns to next week's episode of the CW series "Supernatural".

Cue bloody "Game of Thrones"/monster of the week gags... now!

"The Guild" creator is teaming up with Sam and Dean again as "Supernatural" returns for another batch of season 8 episodes as they hunt down something that's killing innocent LARPers in the RPG Moondor. And this time, Day's armed. Well, with a replica sword, but those things can hurt.

We spoke with Day last year about Charlie Bradbury's introduction into the world of flesh-eating monsters in last season's "The Girl With the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo," and the possibility of the character making a return to the series: "This was the only episode planned, but certainly, I love Charlie a lot, I love playing her, and I hope people who watch love her as much as I do. And whatever happens in the future will happen."

[Source: Screencrush]

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