The Daily Geek: Snyder's 'Star Wars' Ain't Real, 'X-Men' Is All-Female, 'Walking Dead' Gets A New Showrunner And More

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SNYDER'S SEVEN JEDI? Yesterday it was reported that Zack Snyder was doing a "Seven Samurai" type "Star Wars" movie, THR says "NOT SO FAST"!

X-WOMEN! Brian Wood's "X-Men" will feature an all-female team.

NEXT! "Walking Dead" has yet another showrunner in Scott Gimple!

AMAZON MEETS ARROW! Green Arrow and Wonder Woman could crossover on CW's TV shows...but there won't be a Batman!

THEY'VE GONE PLAID! What does Hyperspace really look like?

...we would be most likely to see a central disc of bright light. This is due to the Doppler blue shift, which is a phenomenon caused by a source of electromagnetic radiation moving toward the person observing. The wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation, in the case of hyperspace travel, would be shortened, and thus, for someone in, say, a Millennium Falcon-type craft, the light from the surrounding stars would decrease and shift out of the visible spectrum and into the X-ray range.

WHAT HAPPENS IN MEKAB STAYS IN MEKAB, APPARENTLY You can now have same-sex relationships in "The Old Republic" MMO, but only on one planet.

CARRIE'S CRAZY MOM! Here's Julianne Moore from the upcoming "Carrie" remake.

COSMIC MANI-PEDI! What happens when you clip your nails in space?

'Til tomorrow, gang!