Fans Create Full-Length, Live-Action 'Toy Story' Remake Using Actual Toys!

Disney and Pixar changed animation forever when they released "Toy Story" – the first feature-length computer animated family comedy. But what if the technology had never existed and "Toy Story" was created as a live-action film instead the animated classic it's become? It looks like 19-year old Jonason Pauley and 21-year old Jesse Perrotta wanted to find out, as they've created a shot-for-shot, live-action remake using actual toys.

According to the East Valley Tribune, Jonason and Jesse met at church and immediately bonded over their mutual love for "Toy Story." Naturally, the duo have always dreamed of visiting Pixar studios and they're hoping the $1,000 and two years of hard work needed to create the "Live-Action Toy Story Project' is a feat great enough to finally get them through the gates.

One of the most interesting aspects of remaking the film has to be all of Sid's mutant toys. Obviously, it would be hard to find toys like at the local store, so Jesse and Jonason gathered what they could from friends, visited Goodwill and created all of the crazy characters themselves. To really appreciate all of the hard work you'll need to watch the final product, which you can do below.

[East Valley Tribune via Cartoon Brew]