Roll A Strike With This Force-Powered Yoda Bowling Ball

I've lived in a fairly small town for the majority of my life, which means the bowling alley and I have met more than a few times. Though my time spent at the lanes has decreased drastically over the years, this Star Wars-themed Yoda bowling ball could be the perfect way to get back into the game – things could be different with the force at your side.

Created by Viz-A-Ball, the Yoda bowling ball surprisingly uses art from "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones" rather than the original trilogy. One side sports the legendary Jedi Master, while the other depicts a squadron of Clone Troopers. The design has been officially retired, meaning they don't make them like this anymore, but a few retailers thankfully still have the ball in stock.

Amazon, NewEgg and all want about $200 for the ball, which isn't as bad as it sounds considering the ball cost about $100 more when it was first introduced. Star Wars fans who like to bowl will want to jump on the offer if they like what they see – this legendary bowling ball will never be released again.