'Brave' Wins Best Animated Film At Golden Globes

In a surprising turn (which honestly shouldn't be surprising considering it's a Pixar flick) Disney/Pixar's "Brave" took home the prize for Best Animated Film at last night's Golden Globes. The female-centric adventure story beat out Tim Burton's "Frankenweeine," "Rise of the Guardians," "Hotel Transylvania," and "Wreck-It Ralph."

Disney's non-Pixar "Wreck-It Ralph" was the favorite to win (at least by this site), so "Brave" landing the top spot is a bit of shock. This puts the film's chances for an Oscar in a different light rolling into February's Academy Awards where "Brave" will once again go up against "Wreck-It Ralph" and "Frankenweenie," while adding "ParaNorman" and "The Pirates! Band of Misfits" into the mix.

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