Audi Is Turning Their Cars Into Mobile Hotspots

Wouldn't it be great if your car was equipped with it's own 4G LTE connection? Internet radio, navigation and slew of other connected features could be built right in, and that “wi-fi only” iPad of yours could stay connected on long trips. Well, Audi recently announced the 2013 Audi A3 will be the first production vehicle in the world to offer embedded 4G LTE connectivity.

"Audi was the first automaker to highlight the potential for LTE connectivity in vehicles at CES 2012 and now becomes the first automaker to announce a commercial model with embedded 4G LTE connectivity," said Ricky Hudi, chief executive engineer of electrics/electronics, Audi AG. "As a highlight, we will soon be offering a fully integrated LTE link for our Audi connect services in the new Audi A3 in 2013."

The feature will give "Audi connect" the ability to provide an augmented navigation system presenting real-time street level visual imagery, weather and travel information while providing a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices in the car.

Qualcomm's Gobi MDM9215 chipset, which works with 4G and 3G connections, will be providing the in-car internet access and it looks like Audi aims to implement this in other models as time goes on. Unfortunately, Audi hasn't revealed which markets the new service will be available in or how much it will cost.

What do you think about mobile broadband in the car? Would pay for a monthly data plan, or do you think the price of the car should cover it? Sound off in the comments!