The Greatest Minds In Science Tackle Villainy As Science Corps International!

ThinkGeek has brought together three of the finest thinkers in science as a Justice League-style supergroup called "Science Corps International." The team features "Master of Space and Time" Dr. E, the electrifying High Voltage and mistress of subatomic manipulation, Madame Radiation!

ThnkGeek says:

Science Corps International: an elite team of Earth's brightest scientific minds which arms humanity against a dangerous universe through systematic testing, observation, and prediction. Here to kick anti-intellectual butt across space and time.

Each shirt comes in multiple sizes and in both unisex and babydoll cuts. Get a closer look and read ThinkGeek's stats on each hero below:

Dr. E

Many superheroes have no idea how or why their powers work. We see this frequently with powers stemming from emotions: a pyrogenetic gets spooked and accidentally sets the place on fire. However, Dr. E is actually empowered explicitly by his deep understanding of the nature of reality itself, granting him powers of spatial-temporal manipulation. Years spent bored out of his noggin as a mild-mannered patent clerk provided insight into the phenomenon of time dilation. His ability to grasp these concepts allows him to manipulate and adjust objects' placement inside the curvature of space-time, altering reality. In general, man cannot conceive of four dimensions; Dr. E, however, can.

High Voltage

Who's that mad scientist

Who's off-limits to all the chicks?


Dang right

Who's the engineer

Who would risk high voltage without fear?


Can ya dig it?

Who's the cat who "gets" A/C

And the future that could be


Right on

You see this cat Tesla is a bad mother--

(Shut your mouth)

But I'm talkin' about Tesla!

(Then we can dig it)

He's a complicated man

But no one understands him.

(Nikola Tesla)

Madame Radiation

Madame Radiation possesses the ability to discover radioactive substances in seemingly innocuous ore and extract and prepare them for use with her powers. Although no one really knows, many think she received her abilities from changes to her body caused by the very radioactivity she now controls. She manipulates the subatomic particles in ways that get them to generate and emit intense radioactivity, which she can then absorb and transfer to other objects or people in potentially toxic doses. Of course, Madame Radiation never uses her power for evil.

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