EXCLUSIVE: DC Comics To Publish Masters Of The Universe Ongoing

Great news for Masters of the Universe fans: He-Man, Skeletor, and the rest of the Eternia crew will get their own ongoing monthly series from DC Comics starting in April!

While there has been several MotU titles and one-shots from DC as of late, this is the first regular series from the publisher for "Masters of the Universe." The title will be written by comics legend Keith Giffen and illustrated by Pop Mhan; the first issue boasts covers by Ed Benes and Terry & Rachel Dodson.

What can we expect from this first issue? How about the return of She-Ra, for starters? Only in this story, she's known as Despara -- one of the evil Hordak's most deadly weapons! Also -- somebody dies!

It's all in "Masters of the Universe" #1, hitting stores in April!

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