Creepy Kids, Pirates, A Reformed Villain And A Princess Earn Animated Academy Awards Nominations

Early this morning host Seth McFarlane and the world's favorite actress Emma Stone announced the 2013 Academy Award nominations. There were quite a few shockers - mostly the multiple nods for "Beasts of the Southern Wild" and "Amour" in all major categories as well as the snubbing of Question Tarantino and Kathyrn Bigelow in the best director category and P.T. Anderson's "The Master's" shut out of Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay categories. A pleasant surprise came in the form of the inclusion of one of this site's favorite films of the year on the list of Best Animated Feature Films, "ParaNorman." Admittedly, "Wreck-It Ralph" is the movie to beat, but it's nice to see the Academy honor the charming loveletter to horror that is "Norman."

Here's the full list of Animated Features:


Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman


Tim Burton


Sam Fell and Chris Butler

"The Pirates! Band of Misfits"

Peter Lord

"Wreck-It Ralph"

Rich Moore

And the nominees for Short Film: Animated are:

"Adam and Dog"

Minkyu Lee

"Fresh Guacamole"


"Head over Heels"

Timothy Reckart and Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly

"Maggie Simpson in 'The Longest Daycare'"

David Silverman


John Kahrs

The 2013 Academy Awards airs on Feb 24 at 7pm ET on ABC.