Sin City Sequel News: So Joseph Gordon-Levitt IS Doing A Comic Book Movie...

Hollywood's go-to guy for superhero movies (at least as it pertains to the rumors dancing feverishly around fan's heads) Joseph Gordon-Levitt is out of the running for the lead in "Guardians of the Galaxy," MTV Splashpage reports...and is a "GO" for "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For."

According to Deadline, by accepting the role of "Johnny" in the "Sin City" sequel -- a new character specifically created for the movie -- Gordon-Levitt has basically passed on that of Star-Lord in "G0G."

I think it's a wise move on JGL's part, as he has the chops and "look" to fit right in the Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller feature (his character in the recent "Looper" could have totally been a "Sin City" character). Star Lord and "Guardians of the Galaxy," on the other hand, is an unknown quantity -- at least to movie fans. "GoG" might be a better starrer for John Krasinski (who was on the list for Star Lord) or Michael Rosenbaum (who recently Tweeted that he tried out for the role).

But will taking on "A Dame To Kill For" For Miramax be the final nail in the coffin of any hope whatsoever that JGL might star as Batman in the upcoming "Justice League" flick? It might be as simple as the actor not wanting to be typecast in "tights n' capes" pictures...certainly, there are other genres of comic book-based flicks out there.

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