Will Fox's 'Animation Domination High-Def' Be The New Adult Swim?

Look out, Adult Swim -- Fox has their own lineup of  "edgy" animated comedies. No, not the "Family Guy" stuff. The key word, as found in their press release, is "Alternative."

As of July 27, Fox will add a second "Animation Domination" late-night schedule on Saturday, featuring cartoons like "Axe Cop" (based on the cult Dark Horse comic book series) and "High School USA" by "Community" alum Dino Stamatopoulos. Dubbed "Animation Domination High-Def," the network described the initiative as follows:

"...Fox Broadcasting Company created the Animation Domination High-Def unit to oversee the development and production of alternative animated series, shorts and user-adapted material for its brand-new late-prime animated programming block and new digital multi-platform network. The digital channel will extend across platforms such as Web, mobile apps, game consoles and Video on Demand. It will feature 50 original short-form pieces per year, online windows of FOX animated shows, and user-adapted content."

Which all sort of sounds like Adult Swim to me, with an accent on bite-sized bits of animated programming that can presumably be devoured through standard TV, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Most intriguing to comic book fans of course is the "Axe-Cop" project -- boasting the voice work of big comedy names like Patton Oswalt, Megan Mullally and Ken Marino -- which could be a big win not just for Fox but Dark Horse if it hits.

Will "Animation Domination High-Def" be a true challenger to the mighty "Adult Swim" empire? With over 20 years of experience with animated TV series -- and a fair bit of overlap of talent between them and "AS" -- it's certainly possible. But most interesting here is the venture's focus on multiple platforms of content consumption; in that sense, it might be the metaphorical guinea pig for what the network may eventually do with its Sunday lineup in this ever-changing media landscape.

Via TV By The Numbers

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