Will John Krasinski Get The Chance With 'Guardians of the Galaxy' He Didn't Get With 'Captain America'?

As a big fan of "The Office," I was pretty psyched a few years back about the news that John Krasinski was testing for the role of Captain America. Of course, that role eventually went to Chris Evans, and...well, I'm not complaining about that.

That said, reading in MTV Splashpage about Krasinski's name being "looked at" by Marvel Studios for the role of Star-Lord in the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy" -- my old hopes were rekindled. Star-Lord is not exactly Captain America, but it would be nice to bring "The Office" star into the Marvel fold.

Also, while I will be the first to admit that the tall and lanky Krasinski might have made for an unconventional Cap (though I'm sure he would have bulked up for the role), I think he'd be perfect for the quirkier -- though no less heroic -- role of Star-Lord. So here's hoping he gets the job, though as we have seen with the previous Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumor, take all this "GoG" talk with a hearty grain of salt!

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