Hugh Jackman Confirms 'Les Mis' And 'X-Men' Connection


So just how similar are Wolverine and "Les Miserables" main character Jean Valjean? Quite, says the man who dons the funny haircut, claws and the fancy puffy shirts of both characters. Okay, so maybe Valjean doesn't have any claws, but he totally wields a pair of silver candlesticks and gets covered in poop, so that's close enough I say. And Wolverine doesn't wear a puffy shirt. And I guess Valjean's haircut isn't very funny either. Oh, whatever.

In a chat with Empire, a very observant journalist chose to ask Hugh Jackman about the similarities between Logan's frequent battles with Sabretooth and Valjean's Ford/Lee Jones-esque relationship with Russel Crowe's trying way too hard to be good cop Javert. He said:

It's not quite as physical in 'Les Mis' and a little more singing. Off set, for Sabretooth and I there was a lot going on, but there is definutely a yin and yang quality about both. You can always argue that in both situations, what the author is hinting at is not just two separate characters who are obviously tussling in rivalry, but really it's symbolic of the war going on within all of us.

Watch the full clip from Empire here:

Also, go see "Les Miserables" like now! It's freakin' magical, man.