EXCLUSIVE: New Retro 'Star Trek: The Original Series' Posters Revealed

We're thrilled to have the opportunity to exclusively debut 2 posters from set 6 of Juan Ortiz's retro tributes to each episode of "Star Trek: The Original Series" for QMx.

First up is a poster honoring episode 64, "The Tholian Web."

According to QMx:

The artist's inspiration here are Russian film posters of the mid-1920s to early 1930s. "What I like about those posters is their mix of photos along with illustrations," remarks Ortiz. The tension of this episode in which Captain Kirk disappears into interspace during an attempt to rescue the U.S.S. Defiant is captured in black and white images. "I went with red in the title so that it would pop," says Ortiz.

Next we have a look at episode 77, "The Savage Curtain."

QMx says:

"There is that great image of [America's 16th president, Abraham] Lincoln when he appears before the Enterprise, out in space," recalls Ortiz. "I thought I would take that and tie it in with the title, turning Lincoln's visage into a huge red curtain." In this episode, Kirk and Spock are forced to fight alongside Lincoln and Surak of Vulcan by aliens who want to understand the concepts of good and evil.

Each of these posters and the rest of set 6 will be available for pre-order TODAY, January 8 at 3pm ET at the following link: http://store.qmxonline.com/TOS-Art-Print-Series-_c_44.html

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